The latest frequency of the new KARAMEESH 2021 channel on Nilesat to follow up on children’s programs


The Karameesh channel is one of the most important satellite channels for children, as this channel has won a lot of fame, because it works to provide entertainment content, and also includes many people with a beautiful voice, as the Karameesh channel is located in Amman and its owner is Waseem Awad, which is a Jordanian channel .

In the recent period, search engines have increased by fans and followers of the Karameesh channel about its new frequency, and many have asked why the channel suddenly stopped and the frequency changed, and therefore we will mention the special and new frequency of the Karameesh channel, and the most important programs that are shown through it, and who are in charge To work through this channel.

The new Kramish channel 2021 frequency.

  • Moon’s name: Nilesat.
  • Channel frequency: 11605.
  • Error correction factor: 4/3.
  • Coding rate: 27500.
  • Polarization: horizontal.

Karameesh TV programs 2021.

Among the most important programs that are shown on the Karameesh TV screens: –

  • Knee program.
  • Sahran program
  • Sepec program of your methods.
  • Air sniff program.

The most important heroes based on the Karameesh channel.

  • Wasim Awad, who is the director of the channel.
  • Raafat Wasim Awad
  • Zina Awwad
  • Bushra Awad
  • Muhammad Adawi
  • Mujahid Hisham
  • Abdelkader Sabahi
  • Saja Walid Hammad
  • Hanan Al-Taraira
  • Randa Salah
  • Amal Kattami
  • Sarah Al-Manea
  • Nagham and Lyn Ghaith
  • Abraham’s torch
  • Fatima Al-Anzi
  • Ahmed bin Musa
  • Ismail Al-Qadi
  • Bisan fasting

It is now possible for many Karameesh channel followers and viewers to enjoy an enjoyable, high-quality view through the new frequency that was mentioned previously, and Karameesh TV also works to provide everything new and interesting to its followers, through the constant endeavor to improve the content it offers. And if this content includes lofty values ​​and principles that are entrenched in the viewer’s mind.

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