The launch of the first fleet of autonomous taxis in Beijing


A leading Chinese internet company has launched a fleet of fully automated driverless taxis, as new cars, Apollo Go, began carrying passengers in western Beijing, at a cost of about $ 4.60 per trip, and are the first self-propelled taxis in China without a safety driver in a wheelchair Leadership.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the vehicles have been programmed with eight destinations in Shougang Park, home of the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics, and there is a remote operator on hand that can control the car in case of an emergency.

Taxis took passengers to offices, cafes, hotels and parking lots around Shougang Park, a former industrial area in western Beijing that is undergoing improvement.

The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing will be held at Shougang Park, and Baidu expects automated cars to be used to transport athletes and staff to and from the Olympic venues.

Users submit an application on the Apollo Go app, then the taxi announces its arrival with a simple alert, and users are asked to scan a QR code and health information before entering the vehicle to confirm their identity and prevent the spread of disease.

And Apollos AI will not begin the journey until safety protocols are confirmed, including making sure the doors are closed and all seat belts are in place.Unlike other autonomous cars, there was no human driver in the driver’s seat, only a safety engineer sat in the front passenger seat.


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