“The League is separated” … Shikabala attacks the referees’ staff in the Pyramids match


Mohammed Jalal

Posted in: Monday May 3, 2021 – 3:29 AM | Last update: Monday, May 3, 2021 – 4:10 am

Mahmoud Abdel Razek Shikabala, a player for Zamalek, attacked the referee team for his team’s match against Pyramids, which was held yesterday, Sunday, in the Premier League competitions.

Zamalek tied with Pyramids for the same goal in the meeting hosted by Cairo International Stadium, within the 19 week of the League.

As the referees ‘team and the players of the two teams left the match, Shikabala told the referees’ team led by Jihad Greisha: “The league is separated.”

The match between Pyramids and Zamalek witnessed great excitement during the last minutes, as the referee awarded a penalty kick for Zamalek in the 89th minute after reviewing the video technique as a result of Ahmed Sami touching the ball with his hand inside the penalty area.

Jihad Greisha returned to the video technology as a result of the players’ progress during the implementation of the kick, and Ashraf Bencharki succeeded in scoring the equalizer.

The match sparked a great controversy because the referee counted 8 minutes of stoppage time and did not complete them, announcing the end of the match in a draw.

Zamalek tops the league with 41 points, while Pyramids are in third place with 31 points in the Premier League table.


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