The Liverpool coach heaps praise on Mohamed Salah: he has become one of the club’s legends


Pep Lynders, the general coach of the team hailed Leferball In the Egyptian international, Mohamed Salah, referring to his discipline on and off the field, and how this affects his level.

Pep Lenders sees that Mohamed Salah Growing from his first day at Liverpool, having joined from Roma during the summer transfer window in 2017.

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In statements to the official website, Linders said: “Mohamed Salah does not waste time, invests all his time in regaining his fitness, grows as a professional over the past years, and develops his structure very well.”

He added, “Mohamed Salah is an organized player, for example he always puts his car in the parking lot and not outside, he does that on purpose, and refuses to violate any rules.”

He stressed: “Like the rest of his colleagues, no one trains badly, but Mohamed Salah demands more loads every day by himself, and is always hungry for improvement, individually and collectively, and he always listens to Klopp’s instructions and listens well.”

He continued: “He is always open and has peace of mind that really helps him. When Klopp asks him for various and additional duties, he agrees and presents them in the best way, and is always ready to help others.”

And he continued: “Mohamed Salah is a talented scorer, his imagination and intuition in the last moments are wonderful, and the way he can keep the ball in the most difficult situations and find a way to get out and score, this is what distinguishes him, and although many players have this, but not many of them have that constantly, and this is What makes Mohamed Salah special, 200 games and many goals and even decisive goals. ”

He pointed out: “For me, despite the successes he achieved and the titles, his daily presence in our club adds a lot to the team, his character is distinctive, a true example for every player, and this is what makes him a great player, because he realizes that he has become a role model, and is still humble and gives a true example for a professional player.” .

And he added: “Mohamed Salah loves football and understands the necessity of training with utmost focus. He does not want to make mistakes. The smile is always on his face and between him and the players, he is the right player for Liverpool.”

He concluded: “The personality of Mohamed Salah is big, and the big players are easy to guide as long as you are honest and fair, and this is what happens between him and Klopp. Mohamed is now one of the legends of Liverpool, he is part of the club’s history, and he will forever be linked as one of the inspirational faces of this generation in Liverpool.” .


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