The Majestic Channel is the latest frequency for watching exclusive movies via Nilesat


The frequency of the Majestic channel is one of the frequencies that many Arab and foreign movie lovers are looking for, as the Majestic channel is one of the best channels available at the present time, which displays many different films, as the channel works to provide a distinctive set of films that attract viewers to it greatly So, what is the new frequency of the Majestic channel?

The new Majestic channel frequency

The frequency of the new Majestic channel through which you can watch many different films, both Arab and foreign, as the Majestic channel offers many exclusive films on its screen, and what distinguishes the channel significantly from other similar channels is that it displays all films without being There are no ad breaks.

Which means that you will enjoy watching the movie completely without being disturbed by the viewing experience, and the channel appeared for the first time on the Nilesat satellite in 2012.

It has been closed often, but it has reappeared again with a new frequency, as you can follow the broadcast of the distinctive Majestic channel at a frequency of 10876 on the Nilesat satellite at a rate of 27500 vertical encoding.

Films presented on Majestic Channel

Majestic Channel is one of the channels specialized in presenting many distinctive films in a large way, as the channel works to present many Arab, foreign, Turkish and Indian films, both modern and old.

What is distinctive about the channel is that it provides a variety of movie content, as the channel displays romantic films, as well as horror and action films, which attract many to it greatly.

All the films offered by the channel are films that satisfy the audiences greatly, so you can now adjust the frequency of the Majestic Channel and enjoy the best international films.


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