The man went astray, Episode 23 .. The marriage of Salim and Ghada coincided with the reception of Yasser Jalal, the son of his daughter Shahd


Episode 23 of the series “Dhal Ragil” by star Yasser Jalal began with a cry that “Rana Rais” witnessed, and it seems that it is time of her birth.

Strayed man 23

With overlapping scenes, the director filmed scenes of the birth of Shahad in conjunction with the wedding of Selim “Mohamed Yousra” from Ghada, after he gave up his responsibility and acquitted him of sexual assault on her.

A man who strayed 2323

Amira Al-Aydi refuses her daughter, Nadine, going to Farah Salim, and reproaches her for not feeling the tragedy of her friend Shahd, and her adherence to “Selim”, especially Hazem, with whom he has a love affair.

In the operating room, the doctor reveals an injury, “Rana Rais” witnessed cramps in the uterus due to the difficult situations she went through during the last period that affected her pregnancy. Hoda “Nermin Al-Faki” collapses, worried about her daughter and says that she feels that her daughter “will not rise from her.”

A man who strayed 232323

The birth of Shahd “Rana Rais” ends, and one of the nurses born to Yasser Jalal is attending, who cries with joy and grows in her ear. So did Hoda die on the day her daughter was born? This is what the next episodes will reveal.

The series “Away Ragel” is written by Ahmed Abdel Fattah and directed by Ahmed Saleh, and co-stars alongside Yasser Jalal, Nour, Mahmoud Abdel-Moghani, Nermin Al-Feki, Rana Rais, Mohamed Ali Rizk, Amira Al-Aydi, Ahmed Halawa, Mohamed Adel, Mohamed Yousry, Ihab Fahmy, Enaam Salousa, Hoda Al Atribi, Essam El Sakka, Magdy Fekry, Rabab Mumtaz, Yasmine Gamal, Ahmed Mounir, Hisham El Shazly, Gamal Youssef and a number of other artists.


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