The Minister of Education explains the fact that Egypt’s ranking in global indicators has declined


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Dr. Tarek Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, expressed his dissatisfaction with the lies that spread about Egypt’s decline to the penultimate position in the world education indicators.

Shawky said in statements to him on his Facebook page, under the title “Today, I talk about rumors about Egypt’s classification in the quality of education.”

He said: “I followed what happened during the day on social networking sites of naive reproduction of an old news dating back to 2016 and was amazed at the speed of publishing, sharing, sarcasm and ridicule. Very if we tried to enter the World Economic Forum website to see for ourselves if it was true or false.

Shawky added, “It is unfortunate that some compete in mockery and mockery of their country’s education, and to participate in bringing ridicule from sisterly countries that read what we write about ourselves.”

He explained: “If this news was true, and I am an Egyptian and I love my country, I would have suffered in the same way instead of finding it an opportunity to make fun of those who have been trying hard to fix this defect since this classification was issued in 2016.”

He went on to say: “I commented myself in 2016 about the quality of education problem in Egypt and it was the beginning of the development that rose to us in the global knowledge index ranking (issued by UNDP) as well as the USNews ranking, all of which are verifiable global platforms.”

Shawky concluded, saying: “Beware of the rumors and fourth-generation wars that spread before the exam season every year, as we see these days, and I ask everyone to verify the source of the information and not be satisfied with reading any news because by this we help rumor mongers by not verifying and not holding accountable those who spread a lie.”

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