The Ministry of Health calls on citizens to register for the Corona vaccine site to get vaccinated


The Ministry of Health and Population called on citizens to register to book the Corona vaccine in preparation for setting a date for obtaining the vaccine, stressing that the vaccine is safe and effective and having it in Ramadan does not break the fast.

Dr. Noha Assem, Adviser to the Minister of Health and Population for Research, responded to the complaints of some of the registrants on the site Corona Vaccine, Which relates to a defect in the dates of their vaccination, as some register soon, and the date of receiving the dose is set, while others were registered in earlier times and the date was not set for them until a long time later.

Noha Assem said that this problem arose because of a problem related to waiting lists for registrants at the beginning of the opening of the vaccination site, as a result of the limited number of vaccination centers with which the campaign started, as it did not exceed one or two centers in each governorate, but now there are 368 vaccination centers in All provinces.


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