The Ministry of Health explains the reason for the delay in vaccinating some of those registered to obtain the Corona vaccine


Dr. Noha Assem, Adviser to the Minister of Health and Population for Research, responded to the complaints of some of those registered on the site Corona Vaccine, Which relates to a defect in the dates of their vaccination, as some register soon, and the date of receiving the dose is set, while others were registered in earlier times and the date was not set for them until a long time later.Noha Assem said, in a telephone interview during the “Final Word” program presented by the media, Lamis Al-Hadidi on the “Extra News” channel during the month of Ramadan, that this problem arose because of a problem related to the waiting lists of those registered at the beginning of the opening of the vaccination site, as a result of the limited number of vaccination centers. The campaign began with it, as it did not exceed one or two centers in each governorate, but now there are 368 centers for vaccination in all governorates.

And she continued: “In addition to what was agreed upon yesterday at a meeting of Ministry of Health officials, in order to target larger and larger segments of the groups that wish to be vaccinated through other mechanisms in different agencies, which will result in accelerating the process of receiving vaccines.”

And Dr. Noha Assem, Advisor to the Minister of Health for Research Affairs, confirmed that more than a million doses of Corona vaccines obtained by citizens in Egypt, explaining that it does not mean that the Corona vaccine has immediate immunity from the virus, but this needs a period after the dose that you take. .

The advisor to the Minister of Health for Research Affairs added, during the program, that the wrong sense of safety for those who receive the Corona vaccine is that once getting the vaccine that he took the vaccination is a wrong feeling, as obtaining the first dose of the Chinese vaccine requires then obtaining the second dose so that he can say that it is Take the vaccination.

And the advisor to the Minister of Health for Research Affairs continued, that with the AstraZeneca vaccine, immunity increases gradually after the first dose, as well as after the second dose, noting that there is an abundance of places, vaccines and human forces in the vaccination centers, and whoever registers for the vaccine will receive it within a few days.


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