The Ministry of Health warns: No medical teams have been directed to homes to examine suspected cases of Corona


The Media Center of the Council of Ministers revealed that in light of what was circulated of a circular attributed to the Ministry of Health warning citizens not to go to hospitals if they feel symptoms of the Corona virus, and the ministry sends teams in response to conduct a home examination, the center contacted the Ministry of Health and Population, which denied these news, confirming that The post attributed to the Ministry of Health that warns citizens not to go to hospitals if symptoms of the Coronavirus are not correct or the ministry sends teams in response to conducting a home examination, and that the circular circulated is fake and not affiliated with the Ministry altogether, indicating that this rumor was previously denied on (May 27, 2020), Noting that the Ministry did not direct any medical teams affiliated with it to homes to examine suspected cases of Coronavirus, stressing that all hospitals designated to receive Coronavirus cases nationwide (public – central – chest – fevers), are receiving all patients infected with the virus, with a procedure All the necessary examinations and analyzes for them, and referring them to hospital for treatment according to the treatment protocol of the Ministry of Health according to the classification of cases if they are confirmed laboratory or Domestic isolation in case of minor symptoms, calling on all citizens not to be drawn into those rumors that aim to create panic among them, while drawing information from their official sources.

In the context of the state’s concern for the health and safety of all new Corona virus patients, the President’s initiative to “follow up on domestic isolation cases of emerging coronavirus patients” under the slogan “100 million health” was launched, in order to follow up clinically simple cases of emerging coronavirus patients who undergo home isolation, whether Those who have been diagnosed in Ministry of Health hospitals or who have been diagnosed with the virus through diagnosis by their own doctor and are subject to home isolation, based on the database of the epidemiological surveillance system at the Ministry of Health, and the mechanism of action of the initiative includes providing services for measuring the percentage of oxygen saturation in the blood for patients, and measuring temperature And follow up the developments of the health status of patients periodically during the home isolation period, and in the event of any pathological complications, the case is transferred to hospitals designated to receive patients with the new Corona virus at the level of the Republic to receive the necessary medical care.

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