The Ministry of Interior clarifies the fact that a patient’s family assaulted hospital workers in Gharbia


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The Ministry of Interior revealed the circumstances of what was circulated regarding the infringement of a patient’s family on hospital workers in Gharbia.

The ministry said in a statement on Monday morning: “Regarding what was circulated in a number of news websites regarding the infringement of a patient’s family against workers in a hospital in the West, and by examination it was found that on the current (2) date, it was reported to the police station in the first district of the Western Security Directorate of (Attorney Branch) Medical Syndicate in the Western Region) because of his injury by a person (driver – resident of the third police station in Mahalla) for causing damage to Al Mabarah Hospital in Mahalla, which consists of (breaking the glass of the hospital reception door – breaking the number 6 “thermometer – damaging a blood pressure measuring device).

She added: “After the procedures were codified, the complainant was summoned, and with his question, he decided that he went to his sick father at dawn on the day (2) of the current one to receive treatment in the hospital, and his father was left at the reception until he died without first aid. The hospital neglected the treatment of his father.

And she continued: “By completing the examination, it was found that a report had been received on (2) on the current day of the Mahalla Police Department from the Emergency Police Department by an administrative security employee of the presence of a person in a state of excitement inside the hospital following the death of his father. Immediately the security services moved to the place of the report and the administrative security employee in the hospital met , And who decided to leave the person, after he had taken the body of his father from the hospital, and confirmed that there were no damages to the hospital.

And she stressed: “And in consideration of the death of his father, the complainant was dismissed, and the necessary commitment was taken on him to attend early morning to present it to the Public Prosecution, legal measures were taken.”

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