The movie “The Treasure” will be shown next Sunday on DMC


The movie “Treasure” by the star Mohamed Ramadan will be shown next Sunday at 11:00 pm on the dmc screen.

And it is told about (Hassan Bishr) who decides to return from Europe in 1975 after studying Egyptology to the family home in Luxor, and discovers that his father (Bishr Al Katatni) left a recorded will for him, and he also left him papyri dating back to the period of the reign of the Queen (Hatshepsut), Handwritten notes attributed to the hero (Ali Al-Zeebq), and (Hassan) to research what links all of this together.

A large number of artists, including Mohamed Ramadan, Mohamed Saad, Ruby, Hind Sabry, Ahmed Rizk, Haitham Ahmed Zaki, Sawsan Badr, Amina Khalil, Abdel Aziz Makhion, Mohi Ismail, Hany Adel, Al Shahat Congratulations are taking part in the movie “The Treasure”. Abbas Abu Al-Hassan, screenplay and dialogue by Abdel Rahim Kamal, produced by Walid Sabry, and directed by Sherif Arafa.


Treasure movie


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