The new building system .. Learn about the areas of plots of land and construction ratios for residential buildings


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As of today, Saturday, the first of May, for a period of two months, the state began implementing building requirements and the new licensing system, as a first stage for experimental implementation, on 27 neighborhood cities, by a city or neighborhood for each governorate, chosen by the Ministry of Local Development in coordination with the ministries and relevant authorities, provided that the application begins In the rest of the Egyptian cities, starting from July 1, 2021.

According to Periodic Book No. 86 of the year 2021, sent by Major General Mahmoud Shaarawi, Minister of Local Development to Governors, on April 10, regarding building requirements and the system of new building permits, the areas of land plots and construction ratios for residential buildings, in the case of plots of land of up to 175 meters, Construction is done with a building percentage of 100%, without responses, and plots of land that exceed an area of ​​175 meters, the construction percentage being a maximum of 70%, with commitment to easement rights with lateral setback distances (from one side at least), with no less than 2.5 meters. , Provided that the adjacent plot of land bears the right of easement to the side of the seam of not less than 2.5 meters, provided that the width of the front of the plot is not less than 8.5 meters, and the maximum area of ​​the plot of land for a single residential building is 4,200 square meters, and the minimum area of ​​the plot The land for public and private community services is referred to the controls and requirements regulating each activity.

With regard to parking spaces, the Egyptian code for car shelters is adhered to, and the inclination of garage entrances and exits is calculated from the ownership limit.

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