The new Tom and Jerry channel 2021 on Nilesat to follow the cat and mouse adventures


We publish on our website the frequency of the new Tom and Jerry channel 2021 on Nilesat, which is one of the most important children’s channels on satellite screens at that time, and it offers a group of programs and cartoons that are most requested among children, and the most broadcast in Egypt, and the channel was opened a while ago, but it was able To prove its worth due to the distinctive cardboard it offers, on top of which is the cat and the mouse, and it offers its programs in HD quality to ensure an enjoyable viewing for all citizens in the Arab world.

The new Tom and Jerry channel frequency 2021

The Tom and Jerry channel began showing its programs since 2010 and this made it gain wide fame, and the channel was admired by adults and young people, and it became one of the most followed channels after it began showing all the most followed Tom and Jerry episodes from children and adults. Al-Masry Al-Sharqi, and this makes parents leave their children in front of the channel without worrying about revealing any unacceptable content or words.

The channel can be received by:

Frequency: 11892.

Polarization: horizontal.

Coding rate: 27500.

Tom and Jerry frequency features

There are many factors that were the reason behind the success of the Tom and Jerry channel, the most important of which is that it allows watching and watching various programs for free without paying, and it has the ability to influence the behavior of children greatly, especially children in the formative stage, that stage that needs a lot of attention Care to guide children to what is right for them.

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