The President’s Health Adviser reveals the fact that Indian Corona strains have appeared in Egypt


The President’s Health Adviser, Dr. Muhammad Awad Tajuddin, said that the Indian mutated strains of the Coronavirus have not reached Egypt, and explained that Egypt is devoid of any new strains of Corona virus, and care must be taken in dealing with the virus, especially with the high numbers of virus infections as well as Deaths.

Dr. Mohamed Awad Taj El-Din confirms that no mutated strains have appeared in Egypt:

He added that people with chronic diseases and the elderly should seek care early, especially that the cases that come to hospitals and die quickly due to deteriorating cases at home, and he asked all citizens to register on the Corona vaccine website.

Dr. Muhammad Awad Taj al-Din added that the decisions of the Council of Ministers, issued yesterday, are in the interest of the citizen and to preserve his safety, and he appealed to all citizens to follow those decisions, especially in the coming period because we are at the height of the increase in injuries.

As for citizens who received the Coronavirus vaccine, he confirmed that no complaints had yet been received from citizens regarding the appearance of side effects on them, and he explained about the importance of following precautionary measures, including wearing masks, social distancing and washing hands.

And with regard to symptoms Corona VirusHe indicated that the virus has its origin in the respiratory system, and the symptoms have not changed, but some of the infected people complained of swelling of the eyes, the appearance of a rash, and pain in the abdomen or bones, and the Ministry of Health and Population continues to raise the highest levels of maximum preparedness in all hospitals to follow the epidemiological situation first hand.


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