The Prime Minister of Somalia orders the army to return to its barracks after the president’s extension is canceled


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Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hossein Robley ordered the army to return to its barracks and urged politicians to avoid inciting violence, in a speech he gave today, Saturday, after the House of Representatives canceled the extension of the country’s president’s term.

Today, Saturday, the Somali parliament unanimously agreed to cancel the extension of the presidential mandate for an additional two years, which sparked controversy after it was approved last month, in a move that could defuse an armed confrontation in the capital, Mogadishu.

In a live broadcast, Somali TV reported the voting process, which came shortly after a speech delivered by President Muhammad Abdullah Muhammad in front of Parliament, in which he said that he had asked his prime minister to make preparations for the elections.

Earlier, Mohamed Hossein Robley, the Somali Prime Minister, declared his opposition to the decision to extend the mandate of President Mohamed Farmago.

The Somali government called for an immediate ceasefire and a meeting to resolve the crisis in the country, after confrontations in the capital, Mogadishu, between government forces and pro-opposition forces, protesting against the president’s decision to extend his mandate.

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