The return of Hala Anwar .. Yasser Jalal made the most beautiful girl in the eighties a school principal in the shadow of a man


Her face is one of the most beautiful faces preserved by the public during the seventies and eighties. Art giants participated in hundreds of works that reached more than 450 artworks, and everyone expected her a great artistic future due to the multiplicity of her talents in acting, dancing and singing. Two and a half years since then, until she stopped acting at the age of 16, directors and producers used to kidnap her, sometimes participating in more than 5 works at one time, and she sang with Sabah and Hoda Sultan.

She is the beautiful artist, Hala Anwar, the most beautiful child of art in the seventies and eighties, who recently returned to appear in the series “Lazy Ragel”, where she played the role of the school principal.

And about her reappearance and her return to art, actress Hala Anwar said on the seventh day that the credit goes to the artist Yasser Jalal, whom she knew since childhood. She was cooperating with his father, the great director Jalal Tawfiq, and she saw him and he and his brother Ramez met with their father. And she shared one of the series.

On the seventh day, Hala Anwar said: “Filming in the series” Dil Ragil “has already begun, and I was surprised that Yasser Jalal called me and offered to participate in the series, saying I want people to know that you are back in art and your talent has increased and not said.

And she continued: “Yasser Jalal is a person who is very creative and elegant in all his dealings with the old and the young, with his colleagues and with studio workers, the son of assets, loved by everyone and talented, so I agreed without hesitation and was eager to return through a series bearing his name.”

Hala Anwar confirmed that many people confused her with the artist, Laila Alawi, because there is a great similarity between them, so that some thought that there is a relationship between them that the number of works in which she participated in about 477 artistic works between theater, television, drama and programs, the most famous of which was the “Meem Seven” program, especially since it was She performs, sings, dances and gives performances, and directors organize their times and schedules to participate in more than one work at a time.

And she said: “There is no star among the big stars that comes to your mind unless one of the works has participated in it, including Youssef Wahbi, Mahmoud El-Meligy, Shadia, Abdelwarth Asr, Yahya Shaheen, Farid Shawky, Ahmed Zaki and Nour Al-Sharif, as well as the senior graduates and writers, and I could not apologize for the children’s programs that I started in so as not to say I was proud of them after my fame and spread. ”

Hala Anwar confirmed that she moved away from art at the age of 16 after her engagement, as she felt that she presented everything theater, cinema, television and show, and her last work was the “Gawab al-Madinah” series. He wrote the role and he saw it as the most suitable for him, but she nominated her friend Samah Anwar at the time.

Hala Anwar got married and gave birth and felt nostalgic for art in the nineties, so she returned to present about 5 series, including one with Yasser Jalal, and also starred in the play Madness of Humans, until she returned again to participate in the current Ramadan season with the series The Stray Man, confirming that she will participate in a series that will be shown after Ramadan and in A new play.

And about the work environment after her return and away for a while, Hala Anwar said: “I am fortunate to participate in the series” The Stray of Man, with Cast and Director.

She added: “I felt a great longing to return, and as soon as I stood in front of the camera, I did not feel any fear or that I had moved away for years. The atmosphere of work and the morals of the hero of the series, Yasser Jalal, who works with great affection with everyone, especially the studio workers, even helps them change the decor.”

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