The return of the Al-Ahly star..and Maaloul and Ajay’s position in front of Zamalek and Sun Downs..and the high pressure electrocuted and got acquainted with the summit ruling..and Abdel Hafeez reveals Sharif’s punishment –


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Al-Ahly club is waiting for many difficult and important confrontations in the coming days, whether in the Premier League or in the African Champions League.

Al-Ahly will meet Ghazl El-Mahalla on Monday, then Al-Ittihad of Alexandria next Thursday, and then meet the summit on May 10, while the African confrontation will be against Sun Downs in the middle of the month.
The distinguished journalist and journalist Khaled Al-Etribi revealed through his YouTube channel “Voice of Ahlawy” the recent preparations inside the Red Fort, regarding many important matters.

– Mahmoud Wahid returns in front of the locality
Al-Etrebi said, “Mahmoud Wahid, the left back of Al-Ahly club, will appear and return to the team’s list in front of Ghazl El-Mahalla, as there are attempts to equip him strongly in the coming period, to lead the left front against Zamalek.”

-Ajay joins the summit against Zamalek
“It is possible to join the Nigerian professional Junior Ajay to face Zamalek, where it is possible that he will join a part of the match,” Al-Etrebi said.

– Ali Maaloul prepared to meet Sun Downs and refused to participate in front of Zamalek

Al-Etrebi revealed the position of Tunisian Ali Maaloul, saying, “There will be a tendency to equip Tunisian Ali Maaloul to compete for the Sun Downs meeting in the African Champions League.”

“It is difficult to catch up with Tunisian Ali Maaloul, to face the summit against Zamalek in the Premier League,” he added.

– Electrolytic high pressure secret

Al-Etribi commented on Mahmoud Kahrabas hospitalization in the past hours, saying, “Kahraba was subjected to high blood pressure due to the many pressures that he is exposed to at the present time in conjunction with fasting.”

He added, “Kahraba is being subjected to a great deal of criticism at this time, in conjunction with his desire to return to participate with full force in matches with Al-Ahly.”

– Ruling on the summit meeting

Al-Etrebi said, “The closest to managing the summit meeting between Al-Ahly and Zamalek is Amin Omar, as the Football Association will give him the green light to choose the mouse referee who will help him during the meeting.”

– The fact that a financial penalty was imposed on Mohamed Sharif

Al-Etrebi said, “Sayed Abdel Hafeez contacted the player and told him that the person who was with him in the picture was his friend, and that he was normally in the cafe to eat and drink.”

He added, “There are no sanctions against Mohamed Sharif, as the journalist Islam Sadiq speaks, and there is no crisis, but it is only an attempt to annoy the player by publishing some false news in order to influence him in light of his brilliance with the Red Castle.”

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