The Saudi Health Ministry resolves the controversy over the transmission of Corona infection through the vaccine recipients


The Saudi Ministry of Health has settled the controversy over the possibility of transmitting infection with the Coronavirus through recipients of vaccines.

The Saudi Ministry said, through its official account on the social networking platform “Twitter”, “In general, the vaccine activates the immune system to produce antibodies to the virus that provide protection for the body by preventing or controlling infection, and this does not mean that you will not transmit the virus to others, so “Preventive precautions must be continued after vaccination.”

She added: “The recipient of the vaccine is not considered infectious, and there is no recommendation to isolate after receiving the Coronavirus vaccine … with our best wishes for health and wellness to all.”

This came in response to a question from one of the people who says: “I took the vaccine, and my family at home have chronic diseases. They take the vaccine.


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