The singer Maher Al-Attar dies at the age of 83


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The Egyptian Musicians Syndicate mourned the singer Maher Al-Attar, who died after a struggle with illness today, Monday, at the age of 83. The Musicians Syndicate said in a statement that the deceased was hospitalized a few days ago with a bronchitis and shortness of breath.

Al-Attar was born in 1938 in Bab Al-Sharia district in Cairo and obtained a bachelor’s degree in commerce and then a diploma from the Higher Institute of Arabic Music. He was famous for singing the popular color during the 1950s and 1960s, and he also participated in some films, including “Love and Deprivation”, “Beware of Love”, “Banat Bahri” and “The Sad Melody.”

Among his most famous songs are “Bulgoh,” “Spread Your Handkerchief on Ramle,” “Who Belongs to You, Who’s Who,” “Ward the Ginans,” “My Moon I”, “My Heart Asked Him for You,” “God Keeper” and “Duponi the Two Wins.”

He has been absent from the music scene for many years and has only appeared in very limited television interviews.


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