The story of an Egyptian actress who died after performing the dawn prayers in congregation in Ramadan – thought and art – stars and celebrities


The blessed month of Ramadan is associated with the late Egyptian artist Madiha Kamel, who died in it, after performing the Fajr prayer, leaving a mark for her family, fans and fans, who were deeply affected by the story of her departure.

Madiha Kamel suffered from heart disease throughout her life, especially since the seventies, when she first suffered a stroke in 1975 while filming the series “The Snake”, but her health troubles began one year before her death, when she was bedridden in Mustafa Mahmoud Hospital for 10 months. Because of the weakness of the heart muscle and the constant accumulation of water on the lung, which necessitated its stay in it for that long period, according to Sada Al-Balad.

Madiha Kamel died in 1997 as a result of complications from her heart disease, and that was on the fourth of Ramadan, after she performed the Fajr prayer in congregation with her daughter and her daughter’s husband, then she went to sleep, and left the next afternoon.

Actress Madiha Kamel admitted that she had presented many works, which were considered a kind of mischief at the beginning of the artistic career, and she resorted to such a thing to achieve widespread, but after she achieved the spread, she began to choose a group of the most important works of Egyptian cinema.

Retirement and wearing the hijab was not a coincidence, but she was persistent in her throughout her life, especially during her strongest eras of stardom, and she stated in one of her television interviews that she was keen in the month of Ramadan, to perform prayers and redundancy at their times and read the Holy Quran.

She told her in an interview that she is a normal girl who does not see herself as “beautiful” in the same way that some people see her.

The artist admitted to what she described as a very extreme, airy, unbalanced person who sees white as black and white as black, and moody.

She said in one of her interviews that she had experienced failure in some love experiences, and stated that the reason is her inability to reconcile her private life with her artistic work, because art is the first priority in her life and no one can compete with it.

Madiha Kamel was born in Alexandria, then moved to Cairo in 1962, and joined the Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University, and after graduation she worked for a period in the field of fashion shows.

Madiha Kamel began her artistic career in 1964 by presenting many small roles in cinema and theater. She also worked in fashion shows, and graduated in secondary roles until she had the opportunity to play the lead roles, the most famous of which is her role in the movie “Teacher Samah”.



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