The story of the Zamalekawy tournament … Al-Abyad clinches the 77th League title by a goal


Zamalek club has a great sports and football stature, whether inside Egypt or at the level of African countries or in various Arab countries, as Zamalek is considered one of the poles of Egyptian football with history, tournaments and achievements, and what he presented to Egyptian and Arab football from stars who contributed to raising Egypt’s name high in international forums.

Throughout its history, Zamalek has won many championships, whether the league, the cup, the African Champions League and the African Confederation and other championships with its new and old name, as Zamalek club has achieved throughout its long history since its establishment in 1911 until now 97 championships over a period of 110 years.

In the following lines, “The Seventh Day” monitors the story of the Zamalekawy tournament, through telling the story of the 1977/1978 League, which Zamalek settled at the end of the competition after beating Ismaili with a double, at a time when Al-Ahly beat El Mahalla with a clean quarter that was not decisive for winning the league title in favor of Al-Ahly .

The two teams were equal in points at the end of the last two matches, as Al-Ahly and Zamalek collected 41 points each, but the title was awarded to Zamalek after he outperformed Al-Ahly by a goal difference, as the regulations stipulated the goal difference and not direct confrontations.

Zamalek scored 41 goals and conceded 7, while Al-Ahly players scored 41 goals and conceded 8, the interesting thing is that the match between Al-Ahly and the last stage in the league, which Al-Ahly won 4/0, was scored a fifth goal for Al-Ahly, but the referee did not count so that Zamalek was awarded the league title this season .


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