The Sundowns coach talks about … the problem of Al-Ahly … the suffering of the second leg … and a reason


11:30 PM

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Books – Ramadan Hassan:

Mankoba Mengkithi, coach of the South African club Sundowns, confirmed that his team is able to compensate for its defeat by Al-Ahly in the second leg of the quarter-finals of the African Champions League.

Mengkithi indicated in statements during the press conference he held after the first leg in Egypt, that Al-Ahly has a problem in the defensive line that may cause a crisis for him in the next confrontation.

The Sundowns coach said: “The match was very difficult. We played well in the midfield area and wasted two chances to score. We were better in the second half than Al-Ahly but we could not score.”

And he continued: “Muhammad Al-Shennawi was successful and was able to keep his nets clean and tackled more than one ball. I still respect Al-Ahly because he has smart players such as Mohamed Sharif and Mohamed Magdy Afsha.”

He added, “I am convinced that my team is strong and offers good football, and he is satisfied with what the players did. We were 60% better and we have an advantage in the second leg, which I consider the second half. Our loss 2-0 will make the task difficult, but we can compensate.”

And Abizaid: “I was forced to change Gaston Sereno due to the violence of Al-Ahly players against him, and I was unable to pay Simba Zouani because he was not ready in our last training session.”

He concluded: “Al-Ahly will face a problem in the rematch if it plays the same way as today’s match. If it relies on counter-attacks, there will be large areas in his defense, which he has a problem with, from my point of view.”


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