The Supreme Media Council decides to stop broadcasting that advertisement for this reason


The Supreme Council for Media Regulation has issued a decision to stop broadcasting the advertisement of the real estate slab, on all media outlets and websites, and that will be until the advertiser, Sorouh Company, reconciles its positions with the Financial Supervisory Authority.

The highest media reveals the details of stopping the announcement of the real estate alloy:

This is in order to implement the provisions of Law 146 of 1988, regarding companies operating in the field of receiving funds, for fear that the company may issue real estate fund documents, and it is without a license from the Financial Supervisory Authority.

The Financial Supervisory Authority had submitted a complaint to the Supreme Council for Media Regulation, and requested that the advertisement be stopped because the company did not obtain licenses from it in order to preserve citizens’ money.

In the same context, a new advertisement for Etoile confectioners was shown on television, in order to advertise the Eid al-Fitr cakes, but it received a lot of criticism, as the campaign was shown on various channels, but the audience expressed its annoyance with the advertising campaign.

The audience also described that advertisement in several words, including disgusting and disgusting, because of the scenes it contains that motivate you not to eat cakes in the first place, and the advertisement appears in a number of people eating Eid cakes, their mouths full on the end as they insist on talking and food flying out of their mouths.

This advertising campaign is the second Etoile confectionersWhere the Lebanese actress Nicole Saba participated in the first campaign, which was shown in the first half of Ramadan, and won great admiration and interaction.

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