The sweet allama … Yousra, Hend Sabry, and the stars of art at the Iftar party for Assaf al-Gharib “Picture”


The star Ahmed El Sakka and his media wife Maha Al Sagheer were keen to make an Iftar banquet on the 29th day of Ramadan, at his home, attended by a large number of art stars, including the stars Yusra, Hind Sabry, Muhammad Hamaki, Amr Youssef and his wife Kinda Alloush, Mohamed Lotfy And other artists.

Assaf al-Gharib breakfast party
Assaf al-Gharib breakfast party

Artist Mohamed Lotfy, through his account on Instagram, published pictures from the Iftar party, accompanied by a comment: “Sweet people and the most beautiful breakfast with Assaf, our Lord makes it Amer, O Abu Yassin, Ya Saqa, O Lion.”


On the other hand, the twenty-ninth episode of the series “Naseel Al-Ghurab” continued with a shock of forgiveness after he found the body of Salim’s daughter “Ahmed Dash” slain in a box on the back of a camel, and weeping from forgiveness and his brother, His Excellency Muhammad Mahran and his mother Shamia, “Ahlam Al-Gretli”, while The stranger “Diab” could not touch his wife Raghda “Malak Ahmed Zahir” on the night of the wedding, and he told her that there was a barrier between them because her mother, Aziza, “Menna Fadali”, was the love of his life and he will not forget her.

The scene in Saraya Assaf al-Gharib “Ahmad al-Sakka”, and Jalila “May Omar” tries to contact her son Salim and finds his phone switched off, to assure her that he loved her all the time and with every behavior she did, whether her marriage to forgiveness and her childbearing from him, but he loves his vanity more than her, and assures her. He took his right from seeing a piece of forgiveness in joy, and he released it and expelled her from the Saraya after telling her that he had killed Salim amid grief and the collapse of Jalila.

The series “Nassal Al-Aghrab” written and directed by Mohamed Sami, starring Ahmed El-Sakka, Amir Karara, May Omar, Diab, Emad Ziada, Firdous Abdel-Hamid, Diab, Naglaa Badr, Edward, Ahmed Malik, Ahmed Dash, Menna Fadali, Mohamed Mahran, Mohamed Jumaa, Reem Samy King Ahmed Zahir, Hadeer Abdel Nasser, Salwa Othman, Ahmed Fahim, Enaam Al-Greetly, Hamdy Heikal, Ahmed Majed, Marwa Al-Azly, Basant Al-Saqi.


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