The temperatures drop the “system” … Citizens crowd in front of Edas headquarters


02:50 PM

Saturday 08 May 2021

Books – Mohamed Salah:

Today, Saturday, hundreds of citizens flocked to the engineering and administration headquarters of the Upper Egypt Electricity Distribution Company in the governorates of Sohag and Qena. To carry out shipping operations for prepaid meters, after the system of the unified charging program supervised by one of the companies contracting with the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company. Because of the high temperatures.

Engineer Sami Warda, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “Upper Egypt Electricity Distribution” company, issued instructions on the necessity of having alternatives represented in relying on shipping through the outlets of different electronic payment companies. Especially since the holidays came from the program of the contracting company, and this is possible due to the difficult weather and high temperatures.

Warda confirmed that he had contacted the company responsible for the combined shipping program. To follow up on what is being taken to develop radical and urgent solutions to gradually restore service so that citizens can charge their meter cards.

In statements he made to Masrawy, the company’s president confirmed that an agreement had been reached with the company responsible for the unified shipping program, and the problem was being resolved as soon as possible, as the program began to gradually return to work.

Warda noted that the high temperatures caused a malfunction in the unified readings program supervised by one of the companies, and thus the prepaid meter shipping service was affected. This caused a crowd of citizens at the engineering headquarters of the Upper Egypt Electricity Distribution Company, in particular.

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