The third wave of corona is the most severe ever, with a warning from the Ministry of Health


A member of the Scientific Committee spoke to combat Corona Virus At the Ministry of Health and Population, Dr. Muhammad Al-Nadi, on the Indian breed and warned of its danger, through a telephone intervention on the “Last Word” program, with the media figure of Mays Al-Hadidi, which is broadcast on the “Extra News” screen, explaining: “It is not enough just that the accreditation is done. There are no flights to India, but all ports leading to India, such as Pakistan, must be closed, and the borders must be secured from access to potentially infected individuals. The mutation is through the virus that made it highly prevalent and contagious.

The intensity of the third wave

Dr. Muhammad Al-Nadi explained that the symptoms in the third wave, unfortunately, are much higher than the second and first wave of the Corona virus. It is more intense and ferocious than the previous waves.

Corona symptoms change in the third wave

A member of the Scientific Committee to Combat Coronavirus in the Ministry of Health and Population added that the symptoms have changed a lot, and sometimes they have become summarized in one symptom, so you meet a patient Jay who suffers from a headache that has a headache in his brain. He suffers from corona, as well as other symptoms such as constant hiccups at night and day, and sometimes the injured suffer from a rash, and redness in the eyes, all of which are symptoms that we have not seen before.

And he continued: “People who are tired and need to be kept in hospitals and care remained more, even those isolated inside the house became suffering from the severity of symptoms and we kept seeing people receiving treatment at home and not getting better.”


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