The Tiger series, episode 19 .. Muhammad Imam brings her mother back to Hana Zahid


Episode 19 of the Tiger series by the star Muhammad Imam, which is broadcast daily on the Al-Hayat channel at exactly the eleventh hour or quarter within the Ramadan season, witnessed the admission of Amer “Ahmed Abdullah Mahmoud” to Shams “Nermin Al-Faki” that he works for the tiger, but he does not know its shape and does not know Who is he? It turns out that Noah “Muhammad Imam” was the one who sent him to tell her that until he found out whether Shams doubted him or not.

In another scene, we find Noah talking to Scalans “Mahmoud Hafez” and persuading him to go to his mother and approve of her and promise him that he will propose to him Mayar who loves her if he does so, and during their conversation he enters upon them “Muhammad Mahran” so Noah catches him and asks Sclans to hit him as he did and admits that he is Whoever stole the money from the room and struck Scallians and asks Noah to help him in hiding that money outside the goldsmiths and promises him that that money will make them great goldsmiths.

Noah goes with him to the apartment of the container “Ahmed Halawa”, where he used to hide the money, but he discovers that it has disappeared and doubts that the tiger is the one who did that. The king of “here the ascetic” and Noah presses him and threatens him to inform his wife that he is married to her if he did not say where he hides or the king, and he confesses to them where Noah calls the king and tells her that he knows the whereabouts of her mother.

Malak rushes to the place where her mother is staying and takes her to an apartment that Nasr “Hajjaj Abd al-Azim” prepared for them. Malak discovers here that Nasr is Noah’s uncle, and Shams “Nermin al-Faqi” goes to Shimi “Muhammad Riyad” in his place and confronts him that he has obtained the amount of insurance on the machines and asks him. To take half the money, or else she will be exposed, and the Shimi will obey.

Khaled “Moamen Nour” tries to watch the videos of the tiger again, hoping that he will come out with information through which he can reach the tiger. When Farida “Wala Al-Sharif” watches what her husband is doing, she asks him to leave her that task, and the next day she goes to him at the gold exhibition to tell him that she is She revealed a man of the tiger’s men, a Sclans, “Mahmoud Hafez,” and began to make him watch the videos again, confirming her words.

Al-Shimi “Muhammad Riyad” goes to the hotel where the king of “Hana Al Zahid” resides. At that time she took her bag to go to the place where her mother stayed and a confrontation occurred in speaking between them. A king charged him with several accusations concerning her mother and he claimed her death until he seized her lead and declared that she hates and declares that she does not You want to see him again.

Antar Al-Hal “Bayoumi Fouad” feels tired, and his son Hassan “Khaled Anwar” takes him to the hospital, and there he tells him his will to try to redress the grievances of the people whom he wronged, as he told him to his sister Judy and to return her to her mother Sally and asks her to forgive him.

Tiger Series Episode 19 (1)

Tiger Episode 19

Tiger Series Episode 19 (2)

Tiger Episode 19

Tiger Series Episode 19 (3)

Tiger Episode 19

Tiger Series Episode 19 (4)

Tiger Episode 19

Tiger Series Episode 19 (5)

Tiger Episode 19

Tiger Series Episode 19 (6)

Tiger Episode 19


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