The two Enppi couples were still infected with “Corona” before facing the clearing


The results of the medical swab conducted by the players Enppi Negative, while Mahmoud Ghaly and Mohamed El-Morsi remain positive before a confrontation Egypt for clearing It is scheduled for Sunday in the 19th round of the Egyptian Premier League competition.

In a related context, he threatened Enppi officials Players impose financial fines on them in the event of repeated mistakes that caused the oil team to bleed points during the last period, most recently in front of Al-Ahly, in the match that ended with Al-Ahmar winning three goals against one goal.

A source in the football system of the petroleum team revealed the state of anger that dominated the technical staff, led by Helmy Tolan, due to the negative results that followed the team in the recent period, and accordingly they decided to punish the players for individual mistakes.

And the oil club officials gave the players one last chance; To correct the course in front of the Egypt Clearing Team in the match scheduled for Sunday, at Petrosport Stadium, in the nineteenth round of the Egyptian Premier League competition.

In a related context, Helmy Tolan held a session with his players in which he explained the defensive mistakes that they had made in front of Al-Ahly, stressing the need to avoid them during the coming period so as not to cost them more points bleeding, especially since the victory was absent from them in the last 5 matches, after a draw against Al-Jaysh and Al-Masry. And the loss of Aswan, El Gouna and Al-Ahly.

Tolan and his auxiliary apparatus are keen to address defensive errors in which the team’s players fall, related to positioning and closing spaces in front of the opponent’s attackers and preventing him from entering the penalty area. The technical director also gives some instructions to the midfield players to rebound, and work to prevent any dangerous attack on Enppi’s goal. And denying the opponent access to the goal.

A source in the ball apparatus of the oil team revealed that Tulane reacted to the players; Because of the exaggerated fear in front of Al-Ahly, which cost them two goals in the first two minutes of the match, and exposed them to mistakes that caused them to lose the match.

The source confirmed that the players understood the anger of their technical director and promised him to correct the course and restore the tone of the victories in the next match scheduled for Sunday in front of the clearing, within the competitions of the nineteenth round of the Egyptian Premier League competition.


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