The US Aviation Administration approves 3 tests of the “Starship” Mars rover


The US Federal Aviation Administration approved the launch of 3 other models of the “Starship” vehicle of “SpaceX”, according to “Reuters” agency, which said that the US administration had taken the decision to continue testing the vehicle designated for carrying out space trips to Mars after the company entered Some modifications in the design of its models, noting that all previous tests did not fully succeed in their objectives.

According to RT, the administration has stipulated that the Federal Aviation Administration’s safety inspector attends the “Boca-Chica” area in Texas from where the Elon Musk “Starship” models are launched.

SpaceX must also make adjustments to the design of the Starship SN16 and StarShip SN 17 models when it investigates their launch failures.

The administration did not mention a later test date for “Starship”, but only said that its inspector will arrive in the (Boca-Chica) region next Thursday to inspect the possible launch of the “Starship” model next week.

It is noteworthy that all past tests of the “Starship” prototypes ended with the explosion of the vehicle, which Elon Musk announced that it will next year make an unmanned test flight in Earth orbit.


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