“They were incubated with each other,” .. Details of the killing of 4 workers in a bakery fire


12:20 AM

Tuesday 04 May 2021

Books – Muhammad Al-Sawy and Ramadan Yunus:

A number of residents on Lashin Mustafa Al-Laban Street in Dar Al-Salam narrated the details of a bakery fire that killed 4 workers inside it.

RL said that she was in her house, which is located opposite the bakery, at the time of the fire, when she was surprised to hear the sound of a number of successive explosions, after which she learned that these explosions were caused by the explosion of the gas pipes in the oven, which lacks all industrial safety measures.

And she continued, that the number of workers who were present at the moment of the fire, were five in addition to the owner of the bakery, as the four workers were inside the bakery, and when the pipes exploded and caught fire, they rushed to the bathroom to hide from the flames, as they could not flee outside due to the high flames.

He added, “M.A.”, an eyewitness, that the fifth worker was rescued because he was near the door of the bakery, and the owner of the bakery also escaped from the fire.

The eyewitness revealed the most severe moments of the accident, as he said that when the fire was finished, we searched for the workers inside and found them hiding in the bathroom, having breathed their last.

And he continued: “The most horrific and most difficult scene on us all. When we entered, we encountered 2 workers who were incubating some terror from the fire, and died in the arms of some and their bodies were charred.”

The Dar es Salaam Prosecution office has ordered the assignment of the criminal laboratory; To inspect the location of a bakery fire in Dar Al-Salam, to explain the causes of the fire

The prosecution summoned a number of eyewitnesses to hear their statements, and inquired from the Dar al-Salaam neighborhood whether its owner had obtained a license or not.

The Civil Protection in Cairo controlled a fire that broke out today, Monday, in a tourist bakery, killing 4 people and wounding a worker.

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