This media is not appropriate for the month of Ramadan … nor for Egypt


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While watching the visual media, at the beginning of the holy month, I remembered what President El-Sisi said regarding the media, calling for media discipline with all the meanings of the word, and the subsequent establishment of media organizations and a state ministry for information, so what was the result on the ground in the month of Ramadan?

Unfortunately, I did not find a refuge except for the Maspero Zaman channel, which is distinctive and distinct, which transported us in seconds to the Egyptian Ramadan atmosphere in the early days, and the reference to regret is that a person may of course yearn for the past sometimes, but he is also looking for new and accompanying times for the era in which he lives, especially in light of development The amazing technology in this field, but many of us returned with their minds, hearts and full wills to the past after our present on the screen turned into a set of distorted, depressing, trivial and strange images about our society ..

The important question that preoccupies me is: Who is responsible for transforming the month of Ramadan – the month of the Qur’an – into a month of entertainment, soap operas, bounties, and talk shows, some of which are immersed in personal secrets and scandals, as he forcibly imposed on us years ago a program with no aim other than to frighten the participants, exchange outgoing words and waste the dignity of the guest In exchange for a handful of money, it seems that he has become the actual control of Egyptian television after advertisements became its main financier, and this is a serious issue that reflects negatively on the audience of viewers, who are in the millions, and unfortunately it seems that there is no real control over these ads, many of which went beyond the reasonable and appropriate. … And if we dealt with the series, which of course I did not follow regularly, then I was surprised by the forbidden relations in all forms and external expressions and scenes of murder and violence of all kinds, including killing by bees! The astonishing thing is that the director may go too far in these disgusting scenes, and then we come to the scandalous disaster which is the excessive use of smoking of all kinds, and sometimes alcoholic beverages, despite my knowledge of the existence of a law that prohibits smoking on television screens to have a very bad effect on the new generations that are looking for a good example. .

According to my humble information, the month of Ramadan is the month in which the Noble Qur’an was revealed .. Just as his fasting is not limited to food, drink and sexual intercourse, but it is an abstinence from everything that irritates God in word and deed, and the aim of it is piety with all the meanings it carries, so is there a relationship between these The lofty goals and that which we see over the twenty-four hours throughout the holy month? .. Unfortunately, the time allocated for reading the Qur’an is a few minutes before sunset and before dawn !! Until the moment of launching the symbolic breakfast cannon, which we lived when we were children eagerly and happily, it was stolen by advertisements with the money weapon, which found in these moments its golden opportunity to watch, but in fact it will only reap rejection and anger, and I lived this with my grandchildren waiting to hear the cannon, and they found several cannons accompanying A provocative phrase that wishes us an acceptable fast and delicious breakfast from this and that !! The able journalist and writer, Professor Salah Montasser, commented on this matter in his daily column, and demanded an end to this tampering.

Certainly, in this spiritual atmosphere in which the soul transcends all others, the person needs some recreation, a smile, and a nourishment of the mind, which is a commendable thing, but for that which we see and hear prevails throughout the whole day, it is unacceptable, and an end must be put in place and a reconsideration must be made. On it from today, the strange and unfortunate is that the children’s programs that we have come across, such as Buji and Tamtam, the programs of the great late Fouad Al-Mohandes, and the animation (Bakkar) for the distinguished late Dr. Mona Abu al-Nasr and Sinbad al-Bahri of the great late Samia al-Atribi and many others, disappeared from the screen and no alternative appeared for her, and our grandchildren became prisoners of all imported ideas, and that if you know a great danger ..

As for religious programs, they have become routine, attracting no one, and at times they miss the viewers as if they are a heavy duty to fill in some of the blanks and fill the boxes

In sum, this situation must change, and I suggest that the United Media Services Company should undertake the production and marketing of the national series that deal with the championships of our sons from the armed forces and the police, as well as the heroics of the White Army, which leads the fiercest battle in modern history. Praise and repetition, according to a map prepared for this purpose. Otherwise, I see that the series will be distributed throughout the whole year after removing the serious impurities that I referred to. I also hope that the artistic production will return free and available to everyone who has qualifications, history, experience and a good reputation, not just money, Most of them, true art can only live in the open air.

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