Three symptoms of Coronavirus: Take care of them


The second and third wave of the Coronavirus raised many concerns, unlike the first wave of infection, due to the emergence of a number of frightening symptoms and signs on the infected and recovering from the virus and leaving their effects on all body systems.

According to the Indian site “timesofindia”, the Corona virus that causes SARS-COV-2 and its mutations can have the ability to affect brain and nerve functions, in the short and long term.

And a study published by the site confirmed that about a third of Corona virus patients suffer from neurological symptoms during infection.

The site also reported that other effects of Corona could include:

1- Confusion

Studies have indicated that the Corona virus can have a significant impact on the brain and affect patients in the short and long term, and among the symptoms that must be exercised with great caution is brain fog or foggy thinking, as more than 81% of Corona patients worldwide testify that they They suffer from a form of brain fog and experience memory and perception problems.

2- Delirium

A clear change in the patient’s feeling, or suffering from attacks of confusion, or feeling sleepy or lethargic, along with delirium is a symptom of an exacerbation of Corona infection.

3- Emotions

According to a new clinical analysis, more than 11% of COVID-19 patients experience repeated episodes of anxiety, irritability and agitation during the days of symptom onset, and those who already suffer from or are at risk of neurological diseases may also have an increased risk of worsening symptoms. And they experience episodes like psychosis and amnesia.

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