Tim Cook reveals “most popular” iPhone model


Apple revealed revenue for the second quarter of 2021 and recorded some impressive numbers in general, and during the call, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that the iPhone’s revenue was really strong for Apple, and he also highlighted the most popular new iPhone.

During the call, Cook revealed, “Among the iPhone 12 family, or more broadly all the iPhones, the iPhone 12 is the most popular.” He also said that it is not as if the other phones are performing poorly, “but we have seen very strong sales for a part. Pro is also part of the family, the Pro, as well as the Pro Max. ”

The CEO of Apple also said that there has been a significant increase in the number of people buying their iPhones for the first time and those who have upgraded from older models to the newer models.

According to Cook, the different iPhone models do well around the world, and “if you look at iPhone performance around the world, we have the top five smartphone models in the US, the best-selling models, and the top two in urban areas in China. , Four of the top five are in Japan, four are in the United Kingdom, and the top six are in Australia. “

Apple posted record revenues for the second quarter, and for the quarter, revenues were $ 89.6 billion, up 54% over the previous year, and on the iPhone, Apple earned about $ 47.9 billion – an increase of nearly 65% ​​compared to last year when the iPhone’s revenue was $ 28.96 billion.

This is the second quarter since the launch of the iPhone 12 series, and it has apparently done the trick for Apple as the evidence lies in the massive increase in revenue from the iPhone.


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