Tips to prevent heart disease after infection with the Coronavirus


Causes of heart disease include unhealthy lifestyles, lack of physical activity, irregular eating habits and smoking, and one becomes vulnerable to heart disease for genetic reasons, all of this increases the risk of early heart attacks as well as the development of high cholesterol, blood pressure or diabetes. Heart disease It is one of the main causes of death today.

Facts related to heart disease:

Sleeping less than 8 hours may put you at risk of developing heart disease.

Lack of physical activity can put you at greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease than smoking.

Sitting for long periods of time can also increase the risk of heart disease.

Heart attack
Heart attack

How does a heart attack happen?

Genetic reasons:

Heart disease can be a common occurrence in the family tree, various heart disorders such as arrhythmia, high blood pressure, congenital heart disease, stroke and heart failure can be hereditary.


One of the major risk factors for heart disease is smoking cigarettes. When you inhale carbon monoxide, the level of oxygen in your red blood cells decreases and affects the health of your heart.


Extreme stress:

Stress can lead to heart disease, raise blood pressure and lead to an increased risk of heart disease. Try to reduce your stress by spending an hour in your busy schedule entertaining, yoga, singing and painting.

List of oils suitable for heart health:

Choosing the right cooking oil is very important if you aim to promote heart health, the most prominent of which are rice bran oil, olive oil, canola oil, and flaxseed oil.

Heart attack
Heart attack

Tips to combat heart disease after infection with the Corona virus:

Try to stay home often and seek medical attention when you encounter any problem.

Regular home monitoring of blood pressure for high blood pressure and glucose monitoring for diabetes can go a long way in preventing heart-related problems after a coronavirus infection has recovered.

Many Coronavirus patients require treatment with steroids during their stay in the hospital, which leads to fluctuations in glucose levels that were previously well-controlled.

Heart attack
Heart attack

Lifestyle habits, including consumption of unhealthy fats, can increase cholesterol levels and cause breathing problems, insomnia and obesity, along with other health complications.

Reduce your sugar intake or choose stevia as an alternative to sugar. You should also be physically active and drink more water.


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