Tottenham vs. Sheffield .. Suspension of the match for Aurier’s fasting breakfast in the Premier League


The referee suspended the Tottenham match against Sheffield United in the 59th minute; For Aurier, the saber player, to have breakfast in the match currently being held at Al-Awal Stadium, in the 34th round of the Premier League matches for the current season 2020/2021.

Tottenham are 3-0 ahead of the Welsh star, Gareth Bale, on loan from Real Madrid.

The Spurs enter the match under difficult circumstances, following the dismissal of coach Jose Mourinho and the loss of the League Cup title by defeating Manchester City with one goal, and the team is passing time that makes grabbing each point a solution to many of the team’s crises under the leadership of interim coach Ryan Mason.

Tottenham is in seventh place in the Premier League table with 53 points, and the Spurs are 5 points away from the Premier League semi-finals..

The formation of Tottenham came as follows.

“Hugo Lloris, Aurier, Deerfield, Dyer, Regilon, Hoeberg, Lucelso, Delieye, Gareth Bale, Harry Kane, Heung-min Son.”

The first round match ended with the Spurs winning 3-1 in a match that saw the London team present one of their most enjoyable matches this season in the Premier League.

While the Sheffield United team secured the relegation by occupying the twentieth and last place in the Premier League table, with 17 points, and despite that, the team succeeded in snatching 3 precious points in the last round by beating Brighton with a clean goal.


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