Tourism takes measures to close 9 establishments for violating the precautionary measures


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Today, Friday, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities said that within the framework of the monitoring role of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and its keenness to continuously monitor the commitment of hotel and tourist establishments, including restaurants and cafeterias, to implement the precautionary measures prescribed by the Council of Ministers and the Ministry, the Ministry of Tourism Supervision Sector has dispatched secret committees to pass through a number of Of these installations.

Abdel Fattah Al-Assi, Assistant Minister of Tourism and Antiquities for the Control of Hotel Establishments and Tourist Activities, explained that these committees identified 9 facilities during their sudden passage for failure to adhere to the precautionary measures and operating controls approved, including operating at rates exceeding the established rates, which leads to the accumulation of pioneers in them, in addition to providing hookahs. It is considered harmful to the safety and security of those who visit these facilities, especially in light of the emerging crisis of the Corona virus, which also affects Egypt’s tourism reputation, indicating that according to what is regulated by law, closure decisions are being issued for these facilities.

Abdel Fattah Al-Assi added that these committees will continue to suddenly pass through the facilities on a continuous basis, even during the holidays and the holiday period, to take the necessary legal actions towards the violator in light of the decisions of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry in this regard.

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