Tuchel is considered from Saint-Germain in the best way


Tuchel is considered from Saint-Germain in the best way


German coach Thomas Tuchel responded to his consideration of Paris Saint-Germain in the best way, by leading Chelsea to their second European Champions League title, by beating Manchester City 1-0 in the final on Saturday.

In the normal course of things, a coach who leads a team to the Champions League final for the first time in its history should be rewarded, but this fact did not apply to Tuchel, who was “rewarded” by dismissal in the middle of the last season, from his position in Saint-Germain despite the achievement of his leadership to a match Title.

Saint-Germain’s dream of becoming the second French team to win the title of the continental competition, after Marseille in 1993, evaporated, when it collided last year with the German giant Bayern Munich, who was crowned champion by winning the Lisbon “bubble” final with a single goal.

Tuchel paid the price for the ambition of the Qatari management of the French capital club, and his problems with the sporting director, the former Brazilian star Leonardo, and he was dismissed from his position despite leading the Parisian battalion to the league triple, the Cup, the League Cup, and the Champions League final.

The result was that the Saint-Germain administration resorted to Argentine Mauricio Pochettino, who failed after the team gave up the local league title, and was bid farewell to the Champions League semi-final at the hands of Manchester City.

On the other hand, Tuchel assumed the responsibility of supervising Chelsea, which in turn sacked its young coach Frank Lampard in the middle of the last season, so that the German coach achieved impressive results with the “Blues”.

– ‘Proud before and after the coronation’ –

Now, Tuchel got his chance to send a message of “revenge” to the management of the French capital club by giving Chelsea its second title in the Champions League, after it overtook the Spanish giants Real Madrid in the semi-finals, the record holder for the number of titles (13).

“It’s the most important match in Europe, it’s an exceptional final, and we won. It’s unbelievable. I’m very proud, but I was proud already because I completely trust this group of players, it’s a very strong group,” Tuchel told Radio Monte Carlo after the award.

“We knew we were not the luckiest team, but we are a very strong group, we are united so anything is possible. We did it twice (they beat City) in the league and the local cup (semi-final), and we did it (yesterday) for the third time. It was a tough fight.”

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