Twitter launches a warning service for abusive tweets before they are sent


Twitter launched an offensive Tweet warning to all users to encourage people to stop and reconsider a potentially harmful or offensive response before clicking Send after a year of testing.

This feature is enabled for all accounts that have English in their language settings and it is turned on for iOS and Android users starting now.

“We started testing the claims last year that encouraged people to stop and reconsider a potentially harmful or offensive response – such as insults, rude language, or hateful remarks – before tweeting on them, once prompted, people had the opportunity to spend time and take action,” 9to5mac quoted Twitter as saying. Amendments, deletions, or postings of the response as is. ”

According to Twitter, these requests led people to send “less likely offensive responses through the service:”

34% of people review their initial response or decide not to send their response at all.

On average, people wrote 11% fewer offensive responses.

People were less likely to receive abusive and harmful responses.

After this year of testing, this is how Twitter has integrated these prompts into the system:

Consider the nature of the relationship between the author and the reviewer, including how often they interact. For example, if two accounts follow and respond to each other often, there is a higher chance that they have a better understanding of their preferred tone of communication.

– Modifications to our technology to better take into account situations in which language may be recovered by underrepresented communities and used in harmless ways.

– Improving our technology to accurately detect strong language, including profanity.

– An easier way for people has been created to notify us if they find the claim useful or relevant.


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