Uganda Intervenes to Mediate ‘Renaissance Dam’ Negotiations


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Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has pledged to contact the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abi Ahmed, to bring closer views of the Renaissance Dam file and reach a solution that satisfies all parties.

During his meeting with the Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Maryam Al-Sadiq, in Entebbe, who dealt with the results of recent negotiations and the steps taken by Sudan to reach a legal agreement on filling and operating the Renaissance Dam, he praised Sudan’s role in the continent and its peaceful initiatives, affirming his country’s support for dialogue to reach a solution that satisfies the parties, and indicated The correct approach to addressing the points of disagreement is to agree on the strategic vision for managing the Nile waters.

The Ugandan president considered that filling and operating the dam requires looking at the environmental aspects, while the Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs said that “Ethiopia’s refusal to place it in the category of the aggressor who takes up time to harm others.” During a meeting with President Museveni, the Sudanese minister explained the stages of negotiation since the Declaration of Principles and Position Agreement The Sudanese positive to reach an agreement that paves the way for common interests.

Earlier, Al-Sadiq indicated that the aim of the African tour is to affirm the fundamentals of the Sudanese position calling for supporting a serious and effective negotiation mechanism led by the African Union and granting a basic role to experts and observers, leading to a binding agreement..

She explained that Sudan made all concessions in order to find a solution consistent with the interests of the three countries in the dam, noting that the Ethiopian side is working to buy time by its intransigence in the negotiations and imposing a fait accompli policy..

Hani Raslan, an advisor to the Al-Ahram Center for Studies on Sudan and the Nile Basin, considered the Ugandan president’s pledges to be an “important step”, and told “Al-Masry Al-Youm” that Uganda is an important and major country in the southern Nile Basin, and Museveni is one of the top African leaders who have close ties on the continent. And with the West, he is also one of the leaders who have inclinations of interest and promotion within the continent.

He stressed that the Ugandan president’s entry into the mediation line is a gain for the Egyptian and Sudanese positions, given the importance and symbolic significance of this matter, as this mediation offer comes from an important country in the Nile Basin and from within the African continent..

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