Urgent death of singer Maher Al-Attar at the age of 83 years my lady


A short while ago, the artist Maher Al-Attar, died at the age of 83, after a struggle with bronchitis and shortness of breath, and recently entered the intensive care unit hoping for a cure.

Maher Al-Attar
Maher Al-Attar is one of the stars of popular singing in Egypt

Fahad Al-Attar, the artist’s nephew, wrote through his personal account on Facebook: “Goodbye, my gorgeous, go to the mercy of God Almighty, my uncle and father of the second singer Maher Al-Attar.

And he continued: “Peace is a trust for my father, my uncle, we belong to God and to him we shall return. There is no strength or power except with God. Farewell, the dean of the family of art and perfumers, please pray.”

Maher Al-Attar was born in 1938, and is famous for presenting the popular color, and his most famous songs are “Farash Your Handkerchief”, “My Moon I”, “Ward Al-Ganayen”, and others.

He also presented a number of films, most notably “Banat Bahri” with Abd al-Salam al-Nabulsi and Amal Farid, “Love and Deprivation,” “Beware of Love,” starring Zubaida Tharwat, “Me and My Mother,” and “The Sad Melody” with Samia Jamal.

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