Urgent: Katyusha missiles target an international coalition base at Baghdad airport


An Iraqi security source said, this evening, Sunday, May 2, 2021, regarding the targeting of the base of the international coalition led by the United States, at Baghdad airport, and confirmed that the source said that this targeting was with five Katyusha rockets.

The security source confirmed, through his statements, this evening, Sunday, and said that the air defense system at Baghdad Airport responded to Katyusha rockets.

Katyusha rockets
Katyusha rockets

On the other hand, the Israeli newspaper, Yadot Aharonot, announced through a press report, which was published on the newspaper’s official website, and explained that a strong explosion occurred, which occurred in a factory Missiles In central Israel, the explosion occurred at the sensitive Tumar factory.

This came close to residential areas and indicated that this factory manufactures missiles for use by the Israeli occupation army and other Israeli defense systems, and the newspaper said that this factory is the one that produces the advanced Arrow 4 ballistic missile system.

Tomer explained that the incident, which was testing the missile engine, was part of the training conducted by the Israeli army, and that accident comes a few days after the announcement of an explosion, at the Iranian nuclear plant Natanz, which Tel Aviv is believed to be standing behind.

It is noteworthy that the Israeli Kan Channel announced earlier, about the occurrence of the explosion that targeted the Israeli-owned ship, in the Gulf of Oman behind two holes with a diameter of about a meter in the ship, which threatens to drown it. Mossad Yossi Cohen.

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