Urgent statement from Netanyahu after Israel’s ground attack on Gaza


Urgent statement from Netanyahu after Israel’s ground attack on Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said yesterday evening, Thursday, that his army forces are fighting “a battle on two fronts: Gaza Strip and Israeli cities“.

During a speech on the “Russia Today” channel, Netanyahu added: “Israeli citizens, we are fighting a battle on two fronts. The first front is Gaza. I said that we will pay a very high price from Hamas and the rest of the terrorist organizations and do it and we will continue to do it with great force. The last word.” It has not been said yet, and this process will continue as needed in order to restore calm and security to the State of Israel. ”

He added, “The second front is the Israeli cities. I said today and repeat: We fully support the police, border guards, and other security services, in order to restore law and order to the cities of Israel, including the involvement of IDF and Shin Bet soldiers. We have been granted emergency powers. All of these.” The measures are important, legitimate, and necessary in order to stop the orgy inside the State of Israel. ”

He continued, “I call again on the Israeli citizens not to take the law by hand. Whoever does that will be severely punished, and we will work with all our strength against the enemies abroad and against those who break the law at home in order to restore calm to the State of Israel.”

Netanyahu’s speech coincided with the release of the Israeli bombings Extensive ground and air raids on the Gaza Strip.

Since May 8, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has witnessed a continuous sharp escalation that began with the outbreak of clashes in the Al-Haram al-Sharif area and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem, where Israel is implementing measures to expel Palestinian families from their homes.

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