Vanguards of the Army drop Aswan 3-0 and advance to 12th place in the league table


Al-Jaysh took three valuable points after defeating Aswan with three straight goals scored by Amr Gamal in the 63rd minute, Amr Mari in the 90th minute, and Islam Mohareb in the 92nd minute, from the age of the match that brought the two teams together at the Military Sports Authority Stadium in the 19th round of competitions. Omar General League competition.

With this win, the balance rises Vanguards To point 20 in the 12th place in the competition table, while Aswan’s balance stops at point 20 in the 13th place.

And Amr Gamal, the Al-Talaa striker, scored the first goal for his team, in the 63rd minute, after using a cross from Islam Muhareb from outside the penalty area, where he received the ball and turned around to shoot it past Omar Radwan, Aswan goalkeeper.

In the 81st minute, Mohamed Bassam excelled in keeping the ball away from his net, after a close shot from the Aswan player, to get a corner kick.

In the 85th minute, Islam Muhareb almost added the second goal of Al-Talaa ‘after a distinct header, but Omar Radwan shone in the response.

Al-Talaa striker Amr Mari added the second goal for his team against Aswan by the 90th minute of the match, after he was alone with Omar Radwan, Aswan goalkeeper, to score the three-point insurance goal.

The referee counted 4 minutes as a time instead of lost, as Islam Mohareb, the Al-Talaa ‘player, managed to score the third goal for his team in the 92nd minute after he was alone with Omar Radwan’s goal after the Aswan players rushed in the attack, before the referee blew the final whistle in the 94th minute, announcing the end of the match with a victory. Al-Talaa ‘with three clean.

The events of the first half were as follows:

The start of the match came quickly and enthusiastically on the part of the Aswan team in an attempt to surprise the defenses of the Al-Tale’aa by Ashraf Magdy, and in the sixth minute, Ahmed Samir, the Al-Talaa ‘player, fired a distinguished ball that Omar Radwan, the Aswan goalkeeper, brilliantly blocked to prevent the first goal of the Al-Talaa.

Mohamed Bassam, the goalkeeper of Al-Talaa ‘, shone in the 15th minute after blocking a strong header from Haitham El-Fil, the Aswan player, after a special cross by Abdel Aziz Moussa, to prevent the first goal of Aswan.

Mohamed Bassam, goalkeeper Al-Talaa ‘, wore the mastery glove from Jaid, after he blocked a powerful shot from Ahmed Salem Safi, right-back Aswan, in the 31st minute, in an attack with two souls, as the ball rebounded to attack Aswan again before he pushed it away from his net.

The atmosphere of the stadium calmed down in the last quarter of an hour, except for some chances that did not rise to the level of danger on the goal of the two teams, and Nasser Mansi almost scored the first goal of Al-Tale’aa in the 45th minute after a distinct header, but the ball passed next to the right post of Omar Radwan, goalkeeper of Aswan.

The referee counted two minutes of time, instead of lost, before he blew the whistle at the end of the first half in the 47th minute, with a goalless draw between the two teams.

Aswan began the meeting with the following formation:

Omar Radwan in the goalkeeper.

Back line quadrant: Amr Al Halawani, Solmon Mansah, Muhammad Jaber, Ahmed Salem Safi.

Midfielders: Haitham El-Fil, Abdel Aziz Moussa, Ashraf Majdy, Ahmed Saghiri Ahmed Belleya.

In the attack: Muhammad Osama.

While the Vanguards of the Army began to form a component of: Mohamed Bassam in the goalkeeping, Ahmed Alaa, Ali Al-Feel Muhammad Nasif, Hassan Magdy in the back line, Amr Al-Sisi, Muhannad Lashin Islam Muhareb, Nasser Mansi and Ahmed Samir in the midfield, and in the attack, Amr Gamal.


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