Video | A doctor reveals the symptoms of the third wave of Corona


Ashraf Oqba, professor of Internal Medicine and Immunology, said that the Ministry of Health and Population’s endeavor to provide vaccination for all Egyptians is a major effort at the present time.

“Obstacle” indicated, in a phone call to the “This Morning” program broadcast on “extra news” today, Sunday, that it was found in studies that vaccination gives a great benefit because it protects healthy people from infection with the virus, and it also reduces severe cases and deaths that result from infection. With Covid-19, he called on citizens to quickly register for the vaccine.

For his part, the professor of Internal Medicine and Immunology revealed the symptoms of the third wave of the Corona virus that Egypt is currently witnessing, saying that the symptoms differ between respiratory symptoms and symptoms in the digestive system, and some suffer from poor hearing, weak sense of smell and taste, as well as changes In the skin, congestion of the eyes, and sometimes changes in the color of the tongue.

In a related context, “Obstacle” indicated that scientists continue to conduct research on mutations and mutations of Corona to find out the new characteristics of the virus, which may be the increase in infection rates, its impact on children, and the extent of its impact on vaccines.


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