Video .. Enppi is hardening ceramica with the duo of Judy and Sabry


Enppi team beat its counterpart Ceramica by two goals to none in the match between the two teams at Suez Stadium in the 24th round of the Egyptian League Championship.

The goals of the Enppi team came through Dinopetter Judy in the 60th minute, after taking advantage of a corner kick in favor of the petroleum team, and arrived at Dinopetter Judy inside the penalty area and followed up after her rebound from goalkeeper Amer Amer, the ceramic goalkeeper, to shoot it into the net, while the second goal came by Rami Sabri in the minute. 83 penalty kick.

With this result, Enppi ranks seventh in the Egyptian Premier League table, with a score of 32 points, while Ceramica team’s score stopped at 31 point, occupying the eighth place.

Led by Dia Al-Sayed, Ceramica started the match by forming a component of:

Goalkeepers: Amer Amer

Defense line: Mahmoud Saqr – Khaled Subhi – Abdullah Mahmoud – Ahmed Mohsen

Midfield: Mohamed Ibrahim – Tony – Kwame Bonsu – Mido Jaber – Sherif Dabo

Offensive line: Shady Hussein

And sitting on the bench: Muhammad Jamal – Mahmoud Nabil – Muhammad Musaad – Ahmed Ghoneim – Fabrice Nagah – Rajab Omran – Tariq Sami – Winful Kubina – Saleh Jumah.

On the other hand, the Enppi formation led by Helmy Tolan came as follows:

Goalkeeper: Mahmoud Gad.

Defense line: Ziad Boughattas, Rami Sabry, Mustafa Shalaby, Mustafa Dewidar, Dino Peter Judy.

Midfielders: Ahmed Al-Agouz, John Iboco, Mustafa Shakshak, Ali Fawzi.

Offensive line: Karim Tariq.


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