Wael Gomaa blames Al-Shahat and Taher for their poor performance and declares: The Al-Ahly player is overweight


Wael Jumaa, a former Al-Ahly defender, commented on the technical performance of some of the Red Castle players during today’s match against Sun Downs in African Champions League.

وحقق Ahly An important victory against Sun Downs, 2-0, in the match that brought them together in the first leg of the continental championship.

Wael Jumaa said in televised statements on “BN Sport”: “The past period, I blame some players for their decline in their level, especially the Al-Ahly duo (Taher and Hussein Al-Shahat).”

He continued, “I do not know why Musimani does not depend on Walid Suleiman? The latter can play 45 minutes better than 90 minutes played by others.”

He continued: “Ajay is overweight, but his presence is important and supports the limbs well.”

طالع | Wael Jumaa: Musimani handled the Sun Downs match intelligently … and two players were the reason for the victory

He explained: “The arbitration today did what it did in Egypt. What will happen in the rematch? The referee is less than the match, and he did not award a penalty kick to Al-Ahly.”

He concluded: “There were also decisions against Al-Ahly that he did not count, such as the ball of Ayman Ashraf. He could have received the second warning, but the referee did not do so.”


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