Watch … a baby girl flying in the air and falling into the ocean waters after a traffic accident


In Maryland, USA.

In a terrible accident, a car collided with a guardrail on a bridge in America, resulting in many injuries, the most terrifying of which was a baby girl flying in the air and falling into the ocean, prompting a superhero to jump behind her and save her.

The accident occurred on the Road 90 Bridge in Ocean City, Maryland, and a Worchester County firefighter reported that one of the vehicles was in the middle of the road over the handrail and several people were injured.

As firefighters and police were working at the scene, one of the personnel jumped into the ocean to rescue a drowning baby after she blew out of the car.

Ocean City Volunteer Fire Company said in a statement that “During the collision, a baby girl fell from the car that was swinging over the railing and landed in Assawoman Bay, and Champ Saleh immediately jumped off the railing in the bay and saved the baby.”

Firefighters secured the car with tools to prevent it from potentially falling off the protective barrier, and paramedics treated many of the injured with emergency injuries.

The infant was airlifted to Johns Hopkins Center for Children in Baltimore, Maryland, and paramedics transported 7 other injured patients to different hospitals.

The superhero who saved the baby has not been identified, and the cause of the accident is still being investigated. The Ocean City Firefighter Rob Corp, an eyewitness, posted on Facebook that the baby was a child and appeared unconscious in the water “moments after it happened.”

Corp wrote that the superhero performed CPR for the baby in the water, Corp said that one of the boats pulled the infant and hero out of the bay and took them ashore.

“I’ve had some crazy jobs over the years, but this one will be a job that I will remember for a lifetime,” wrote Corp, who posted pictures of five cars in the wreck.

Corb told the Charlotte Observer the baby fell 30 feet and the good champ was a man in his forties, who rescued the baby.



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