Watch: A famous artist reveals why she kisses Samir Ghanem’s hand whenever she meets him


The Egyptian comedian, Badria Tolba, revealed many details about the artists, and among them was that she was keen to kiss Samir Ghanem’s hand whenever she met him.Badriya confirmed that this is a recognition of gratitude to Samir Ghanem, and an appreciation for his assistance to her at the beginning of her artistic career, noting that she does not forget his support on stage, and his support for her with notifications in order to rise to her star and receive success among the audience, stressing that he is a teacher and a teacher, according to (her) ).

Badriya sent students a letter to Samir, where she said: “Our Lord will save you for your daughters and prolong your life, because what you have done of good will return to you with your daughters, and our Lord will restrain you in your health.”

It is noteworthy that Samir Ghanem and his wife, the actress Dalal Abdel Aziz, were transferred to the hospital after their health deteriorated due to infection with the Corona virus.


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