Watch – Bint Haifa Wehbe swept Rania Youssef with a dramatic appearance


The resemblance between actress Haifa Wehbe and her daughter, Zainab Fayyad, is of interest to many observers. In this context, some active accounts on the “Instagram” application posted a new video of the daughter, in which she appeared performing a clip of the song “Al-Tabtaba” with her daughter Daniela.

Many noticed that the way she spoke and singed was very similar to that of her mother, and this is what many comments on those accounts focus on.

It is noteworthy that Kuwaiti critic Laila Ahmed raised interest earlier by talking about the relationship between Haifa and her daughter during the section dedicated to her in an episode of the “Aaa Al-Seef” program that is shown on the Kuwaiti Atv screen.

She indicated that the daughter was extracted from the mother during her childhood, so communication between them has been cut off since then, and that Zainab is currently working in the field of advertising and is mastering her work, noting that she was able to achieve fame because she is the daughter of Haifa.


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